Quality Control

Quality Control

Now, just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s worth your time!

Fact: Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program has kicked the publishing gateway wide open, making the marketplace accessible to all authors and publishers, big and small, giving us a flood of wonderful books and content that would otherwise not be available to us in the “traditional” marketplace.

Unfortunate Fact (and a major pet peeve of ours): The same KDP freedoms that have given us a supply boom in wonderful content have also created a flood of — well, let’s get right to the chase, shall we? — crap. It’s now obviously just as easy and cheap for the bad, careless, lazy, and even the malicious, “publishers” to get their books out there.

Well, in simplest terms, we do what we can to weed out the crap from the Amazon ebooks you see featured here on Free Kindle eBooks.

So you don’t have to. Simple.

Does that mean crap won’t get through our filters and past our efforts? Oh hell no. Some of it will undoubtedly get through. (The Big Five publishes some crap too, you know.) But you know what? We’ll catch most of it. You can count on that!